Linking you with the best ideas to fix healthcare in Colorado

Why are we getting more government intervention in Colorado healthcare but not better solutions?

CHAIN wants to help Coloradans find the answers. Our mission is to link the best ideas on stemming the rising cost of health care with people passionate about making things better. Our work focuses on activating community leaders, public officials, and other difference-makers in the cause of getting consumer-centered, real-world healthcare solutions that actually work.

The CHAIN “CRITICAL LINKS” for Better Colorado Healthcare

  1. Keep the focus on consumer-centered policies that are based in the real world.

  2. Promote government innovation, not intervention, to foster market-sensible policies that are fair to everyone.

  3. Fight back against bloated bureaucracies and political posturing that drive up costs and lower the value we get from healthcare.

  4. Make sure any major health care policies focus on the entire system, not just piecemeal strategies.

  5. Seek out input and comment from truly diverse voices so that every Coloradan is heard.


Colorado Senate Bill 175

Putting Coloradans’ Lives and Access to Life-Saving Medicines at Serious Risk Colorado doctors, patients, health care providers and experts are all expressing serious concerns about the impact a bill introduced...

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The Missing Colorado Healthcare Link

Linking the right policy ideas with the right influential people is a great start to solving our healthcare challenges. But it’s just the beginning.  

Fixing healthcare is our shared responsibility. And Colorado citizens like you are the missing link. With your trust and support, we can create lasting change.

We can solve healthcare in Colorado. Ready to link up with CHAIN?