The Colorado Health Advocacy and Information Network (CHAIN) is a start-up non-profit organization focused on advancing bio-science innovation and market-based ideas for improving access and affordability of health care.

CHAIN was established to bring local community voices into the debate on healthcare and champion the best in bold, creative solutions to fix Colorado’s growing healthcare challenges. Our goal is to move away from polarized political rhetoric to foster more attention on practical solutions for patients and their families.

CHAIN has already published two white papers on ideas that could yield billions in savings on prescription medicines: greater use of biosimilar drugs and adoption of comprehensive drug rebate reform.

Our 2022 agenda will include advancing these and other critical ideas that maintain America’s position as the leading innovator in healthcare while prioritizing Colroado patients and their families. We are supported by organizations, corporations and individuals aligned with our mission.  We develop our agenda through in-depth research, listening to the community and input from our policy advisory committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

CHAIN’s activities and perspectives are what we like to call ‘a-partisan,’ meaning neither ideology nor partisan politics fits into our mission. Our ideas and actions are strictly solution-driven on behalf of what’s right for Colorado healthcare consumers.

We convene community leaders, industry experts, public officials and everyday people from across Colorado to advocate together for fair solutions for the high cost of healthcare. 

Listening, researching and acting.  We work to find the collect wisdom of everyday Coloradans confronting the rising complexity and cost of healthcare.

We blend community input with a search for the best ideas around the country from think tanks, policy makers and industry experts.

From there we encourage consideration, thought and action around how to implement healthcare ideas that are consumer-driven and market-based to maximize consumer benefit.

And we convene community leaders, public servants and other influencers to advocate together for solutions that reshape how healthcare functions in our state. 

Too many people and families across the state are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing healthcare costs. We know because we asked.  In 2019, we found out that nearly 60 percent of Coloradans surveyed were either unwilling or unable to seek medical care because of the cost.

That’s why we do it. Because Colorado can do better.
And together, we can reshape healthcare.

Advisory Committee

Jennifer Churchfield

Jennifer Churchfield

Jennifer Churchfield has partnered with public and private organizations for over 25 years. She is currently the co-chair of Front Range PharmaLogic. She served Arapahoe County as the Communications Director for Arapahoe Responsible Energy Advocates. Jennifer was elected for two-terms to the Cherry Creek School District Board of Education and was Board President from 2011-2013. She is a graduate of Miami University in Ohio.

Nancy Littleford

Nancy Littleford

Nancy Littleford has a varied career with a unique depth and breadth of healthcare experience spanning more than 20 years. As a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1998, her education, training and experience in behavioral health have allowed her to be an advocate, change-agent and tireless relationship-builder. Nancy has spent the past 12 years immersed in population and community health initiatives in a variety of roles, including disease management programs, and corporate wellness, along with consulting and community health improvement projects. Healthcare is a very complicated system that requires skilled and diligent stakeholder engagement. Having served in multiple roles within that system, Nancy understands how best to build consensus and drive positive change.

OUR Partners

CHAIN is building partnerships with business, civic and social support organizations throughout Colorado.  Check back soon for updates.

Privacy Policy

Our pledge is never to disclose or release your information to anyone. When you give us your information we will use it only for purposes of communicating directly with you, and for no other purpose.