Supporting Long Overdue Colorado Healthcare Consumer Rights

Supporting Long Overdue Colorado Healthcare Consumer Rights The year 2022 promises exciting and substantive opportunities to bring better health care to Coloradans.  Maybe the most important of these is the discussion around a Colorado Consumer Health Bill of Rights.  Similar initiatives have sprung up in other states, indicative of the...

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Ensure Federal Drug Program Serves Patients, Not Profits

ENSURING FEDERAL DRUG PROGRAM SERVES PATIENTS, NOT PROFITS Sprawling government health care programs can mean billions are wasted or misappopriated.  The 340-B program, a $29b effort to lower the cost of prescription drugs for those most in need, is a classic case.  The program has morphed into a source of...

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The Missing Colorado Healthcare Link

Linking the right policy ideas with the right influential people is a great start to solving our healthcare challenges. But it’s just the beginning.  

Fixing healthcare is our shared responsibility. And Colorado citizens like you are the missing link. With your trust and support, we can create lasting change.

We can solve healthcare in Colorado. Ready to link up with CHAIN?