5) Pushing for Systemic Accountability & Transparency

    • Work to restore the original intent and benefit of the 340B program for vulnerable and at-risk patients

4) Advancing the Cause of Scientific Breakthroughs in Colorado

    • Oppose H.R. 3, the massive liberal flagship (and flagging) bill that would bring down American drug innovation
    • Focus on advancing the world-leading research and resulting cures produced by Colorado’s biopharmaceutical industry
    • Build awareness for the unprecedented innovation coming out of America’s prescription drug industry, spur Coloradans to support of that innovation.

3) Holding Policy Makers Accountable for Policy Claims

    • The controversial practice of importing drugs not only from Canada but nations around the world, many with lax regulatory and safety oversight
    • The unproven policy of setting drug prices through a Prescription Drug Affordability board (PDAB) which could compromise access to life saving medicines
    • Transparency rules and regulations that disproportionately affect one player in the health care system over others
    • Insufficient regulation of low-value middle actors such as Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) that add enormous cost to the drug supply chain

2) Supporting Moderate, Sensible Prescription Drug Policies

    • Push for ideas like the federal Reduced Costs and Continued Cares Act (RCCCA), the sensible alternative to H.R. 3 that will lower costs and keep American innovation flowing
    • Avoid nationalized drug pricing systems (as in Canada, Britain and other countries) that not only dampen life-saving innovation but compromise patient access
    • Drive the Colorado state legislature to draft and pass sensible rebate reform legislation (link to CHAIN’s research paper)
    • Advance the use of biosimilar drugs to lower the overall cost and spend on prescription medicines (link to paper)

1) Shining the Spotlight on Unfair Practices That Limit Patient Care and Drive Up Out of Pocket Costs (OPC)

    • The growing misuse of prior authorization by health insurance providers to deny critically needed care

The proliferation of high deductible health plans and faltering of traditional health insurance to provide adequate coverage.

    • The indefensible practice used by insurance companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to disallow drug maker assistance coupons from counting towards patient deductibles and out-of-pocket spending (called a co-pay accumulator).


    • The legalized bribery scheme of drug makers paying rebates to get their drugs covered by insurance companies; $150b each year that should go to patients instead; see CHAIN publication [link].