Lifesaving Biomarker Testing Bill HB23-1110 Supported by CHAIN Falls Short

Colorado State Capital

CHAIN has been actively supporting the passage of House Bill 23-1110, the Biomarker Bill that would have ensured every Coloradan had equal access to advanced disease testing and precision medicine.

Despite the advocacy from multiple patient groups, including the American Cancer Society, HB23-1110 is slated to die on the House calendar – meaning that it will receive no further action this session.

CHAIN is proud to have supported the American Cancer Society in advancing this critical legislation.  Every Colorado patient should have access to these increasingly vital treatments for cancer and other other life threatening conditions.

At the same time, improving access to biomarker testing is critical to  advancing health equity. Currently, patients who are insured by Medicaid, Black, have lower incomes, or receive treatment outside of academic medical centers are all less likely to benefit from biomarker testing. A key objective of this legislation is to help expand access to these populations, so that more Coloradans can access biomarker testing and the most effective treatments for their condition.

We look forward to supporting advocates in next year’s legislative session should this initiative be re-introduced.