Where CHAIN Stands on the Issues

Tame the Price Consumer’s Pay for Prescription Drugs

The money Coloradans pay for prescription drugs makes up about 12% of total healthcare spending.  While not the biggest slice of the pie, prescription drug costs get the lion’s share of attention.  The untold story is how much drugs actually SAVE our health care system, and how much fat is built into the price of drugs.

CHAIN is working to cut the fat and maximize the value:

  • Reform the obscene practice of rebates insurance companies extract from drug makers.

  • Making drug makers pay on the basis of much they save the system, not how much they think they can charge insurance companies.

  • Reign in the middlemen – PBMs – that do little to make us healthier and everything to make themselves wealthier.

Reel in Skyrocketing Out-Of-Pocket Costs

High deductibles, rising premium costs and skyrocketing co-pays are making health insurance all but unaffordable for the Colorado health care consumer. .  According to the Commonwealth Fund “High deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums in private insurance, combined with exposure to out-of-network bills for physician services, leave many Americans facing very high out-of-pocket costs.  These costs are slamming middle income Coloradans.”*

We need to foster more innovation, choice and  in the health care insurance market to reel in outrageous out-of-pocket costs and deliver more value for Colorado consumers.

  • Let your doctor be in charge of deciding treatment and care, not the insurance company.
  • Make limits on out of pocket costs a central piece of Total Cost of Care
  • Identify and cut out the excess fat in the insurance coverage system from broker fees to executive pay.

Stop Piecemeal Proposals and Get Everyone at the Table

Colorado has taken a wrong turn in the last several years when it comes to healthcare policies.  Our state leaders have passed a raft of disjointed, single-shot bills that have done little to help those intended and entirely miss the major problems.

Where state government can take the lead is in getting the big players to the table — insurers, hospitals, drug companies, doctors and the PBMs – and set objectives each has to meet to improve healthcare.

This idea has worked in Massachusetts and Oregon.  Some call it Total Cost of Care.  We call it the Colorado Way – bring everyone together in constructive, collaborative conversation.

  • Call a healthcare summit with all the major players required to attend
  • Outline specific cost reduction and access improvement targets – hard numbers – that they have to meet.
  • Use the carrot and stick, reward nicely when they meet the targets and use the possibility of severe regulatory steps if they don’t.


Colorado Senate Bill 175

Putting Coloradans’ Lives and Access to Life-Saving Medicines at Serious Risk Colorado doctors, patients, health care providers and experts are all expressing serious concerns about the impact a bill introduced in the state legislature this year will have on patients access to life-saving treatment. CO Senate Bill 175 threatens access...

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The Missing Colorado Healthcare Link

Linking the right policy ideas with the right influential people is a great start to solving our healthcare challenges. But it’s just the beginning.  

Fixing healthcare is our shared responsibility. And Colorado citizens like you are the missing link. With your trust and support, we can create lasting change.

We can solve healthcare in Colorado. Ready to link up with CHAIN?